How Do You Clean Your Invisalign Retainers & Tray?

How Do You Clean Your Invisalign Retainers & Tray?


The virtually invisible feature of Invisalign is a leading reason millions of Americans have chosen to correct their smiles with align technology rather than traditional brackets and wire braces. Removable, smooth, plastic alignment trays and retainers also offer benefits such as enhanced comfort, and the ability to eat what you like. However, to ensure that your alignment trays and post-treatment retainer stay clean, clear, and nearly invisible, you’ll need to know how to properly clean them. Fortunately, cleaning Invisalign is a piece of cake. 

Cleaning Invisalign Trays and Retainers in 3 Easy Steps

To keep your alignment trays and your clear post-treatment retainer clean and clear, follow these steps.

  • Brush Your Clear Aligners or Retainer Twice a Day

You should care for your alignment trays and retainer the same way you care for your teeth. Brush your trays and retainer at least twice each day in the morning, and the evening. To prevent scratching the plastic, avoid abrasive toothpaste that contains charcoal. If you brush your teeth with a hard bristled brush, opt for a soft brush to prevent a cloudy appearance on your trays or retainer.

  • Rinse Your Mouth and Trays Throughout the Day

In a perfect world, you’d brush your teeth after each meal, and brush your retainer or alignment trays at the same time. However, because that’s not always possible, the next best thing is rinsing your mouth and trays frequently. This can help wash away some of the bacteria that accumulate on the teeth after a snack, or beverage.  It can also help keep your trays from becoming discolored.  

  • Soak Your Trays or Retainer As Needed

When you first received your Invisalign trays, you likely received a small package of cleaning crystals. Those can be dissolved in water for a sterilizing solution that will help keep your trays or your retainer clean. You can also order special foams, cleaning sprays, and sterilizing solutions online.  

You may also create your own cleaning solution from ingredients you likely already have at home, such as a mixture of distilled white vinegar,  or hydrogen peroxide mixed with water. Confirm the amounts of each ingredient to mix with your dentist.

Best Practices: Caring for Invisalign Trays and Retainers

In addition to cleaning your Invisalign trays and retainer as instructed, follow these best practices for caring for your retainer or trays:

  • Keep your trays or retainer away from pets
  • Store your retainer or tray in its case when not in use
  • Avoid exposing your trays or retainer to heat (direct sunlight, hot car, dishwasher)
  • Do not vape or smoke while wearing your tray or retainer
  • Do not drink or eat anything other than water while wearing your retainer or tray

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